New to Salesforce or Pardot? We've successfully implemented these powerful platforms for hundreds of clients. Implementations of all sizes include project management from start to end, technical configuration, roll-out and live launch monitoring, as well as training for all users.



We provide training services for every imaginable scenario: new users, experienced users looking to learn new skills, training for entire teams (whether in marketing or sales). We can set up workshops, train 1:1, or work with entire teams on a schedule convenient to them.


Process Improvement

If you've been using Salesforce awhile, you've undoubtedly wondered if your existing processes could be streamlined or improved. After an account audit and conversations with key stakeholders, we can provide thorough recommendations and implement solutions.


Strategy & Insights

We started our journey in marketing, and we've never lost sight of the many challenges digital marketers face. We provide tailored marketing strategies and insights to address any objective or concern, and present solutions that revolve around the technology your company already uses.

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Campaign Execution

Most companies we work with have either non-existent or small, stretched-thin marketing departments. While they come up with a lot of great ideas, they lack the time and resources to execute these campaigns on their own. We can aid in any piece of campaign execution.


Analytics & Reporting

Reporting on sales and marketing efforts is an ongoing struggle. Ensuring that you're capturing the data you need early-on will help build out your analytics and reporting capabilities down the road. We build reports, dashboards, and determine data weaknesses to keep this as effortless as possible.

Our Philosophy: Mind the gap.

The companies we work with have a lot in common. While their industries, products and services might be dramatically different, their teams are always energetic, excited to scale, and full of great ideas. But our clients share a similar challenge as well: turning those great ideas into reality.

It's extremely common to discover a skills or resource gap (or in many cases, both) when you make a move towards a new platform, inventory existing processes and practices, or build out new initiatives altogether. This dreaded gap can put a quick end to otherwise pioneering and pathbreaking ideas, strategies, and solutions.

Our mission at Parquet Marketing is to complement your team and fill that gap, helping you to achieve your goals, scale your business, and adapt to new technologies—with as little disruption to your daily work as possible.


See what our clients have to say about us.

Parquet Marketing is fantastic to work with. They can help think through critical marketing and sales issues and then help create a platform to deliver whatever business needs a company can think of. Highly Recommend.
Ariel Fernandez, Stemedix
I would work with Parquet Marketing again in a heartbeat. They know Pardot inside and out and Jessica was a great teacher as we were doing our implementation.
Libby Stickle, myCOI Tracking
Parquet Marketing did great and we will certainly use them again. Highly recommend them.
Chad Gill, Concreate
Parquet Marketing was great to work with. They're clearly very knowledgeable about Pardot, and they were able to help us through our integration challenges very quickly. They also took the time to test out various options prior to giving their recommendations so that we could be confident their solution would work.
Ranjeet, TNTP

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