5 Reasons to attend Salesforce Connections 2019

The Salesforce Connections 2019 conference is taking place again in Chicago this year, from June 17-19. This event focuses on how marketing, commerce, and service professionals can drive better customer engagement on the Salesforce platform.

Thinking about attending? Here are five reasons to buy that pass and book that hotel room.

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1. You’ll learn a lot

Salesforce conferences have a reputation for being fun and exciting, but there are also more than 450 breakout sessions, keynotes, demos, and hands-on workshops to take advantage of.

You will meet and hear from other Salesforce customers who deal with familiar challenges, and how they’ve managed to solve them.

2. You’ll feel reinvigorated

It’s hard to ignore all the giddy excitement about Salesforce products and solutions. While you technically have a world of information and ideas available to you at any time online, it’s a totally different experience to get out and hear from people who are doing what you do, but differently.

Listening to keynote speakers showcase new features will reignite enthusiasm about the products you already have at your disposal, and walking the expo floor gives you ample opportunity to learn about the products you could benefit from purchasing.

3. You’ll meet members of the Salesforce community

One of the greatest parts about being a Salesforce user is being part of the community. When you meet other Trailblazers like yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to bond over shared challenges and triumphs.

You can learn just as much from these interactions as you can in a breakout session, and you might even walk away with a new friend to call on when you’re struggling.

4. You can evaluate new vendors

The expo floor is a fun place to hang out when you need a break from keynotes and workshops. Take the opportunity to do more than stretch your legs; strike up a conversation with vendors. You may find new tools you were unaware of—tools that could provide solutions to the very problems you’re struggling to solve.

Even if you’re not ready to purchase new products or services, learning about the many options available will leave you better equipped to make a decision down the road.

5. You can take it home with you

When you get back, put a meeting on your team’s calendar and use it to share your major takeaways and tips. Put together a list of recommendations you think your team is ready to implement, as well as a wish-list for the future.

Invite your coworkers to share their thoughts and feelings on what you’ve learned, and brainstorm ways you can put it all into practice together.

Planning to attend Salesforce Connections 2019? Let’s meet up!

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