Evaluating your Pardot API Usage

Have you seen an alarming warning in your Pardot account recently?

Pardot API usage update warning

If you’ve seen this warning and you’re unsure about your next steps, the answer lies within your Pardot API usage.

Am I using the Pardot API?

This is easy to sort out. Simply navigate to your Pardot Account Settings, and click on the “Usage and Limits” tab.

Once you navigate to this tab, you should see your API requests at the top of the page. Click on the link for “Daily API requests.”

API requests in Pardot account settings

Tip: Just because you see 0 daily API requests for the current date, you might want to toggle back and forth between dates for a more accurate picture of your Pardot API usage.

If you see the image below, no matter which date you choose, you’re not utilizing the Pardot API.

Pardot API usage table

If you see data populating here, you are (at least occasionally) using the Pardot API.

Pardot API usage table

My organization uses the Pardot API. What next?

Discovering that your organization utilizes the API is definitely not a bad thing. There are all kinds of awesome things you can do with it. If you make this determination, you’ll simply want to rule out any problems once the May deadline rolls around.

Pay attention to the tabs at the bottom, detailing the Pardot users utilizing the API.

The only column here relevant to this new update is the one labeled “USES DEPRECATED AUTH.” If you see a “yes” here, it means you will need to take action. If you don’t, you’re good.


Because Pardot helpfully breaks down API usage by username, start by contacting the user to let them know. Share the Pardot API documentation with them, and ensure they make the necessary changes prior to May 6th, 2019.

Not totally comfortable tackling this project internally? Contact us and our development team will help you get this sorted out prior to the deadline.

1 thought on “Evaluating your Pardot API Usage”

  1. Error: Action required:Beginning Feb 14,2020 only API logins that use the request body will be authenticated . Your account is stilling using an API login method that was deprecated on May 6, 2019.

    getting the above message while login to Pardot .

    In our pardot login, i could see ‘Yes’ in “USES DEPRECATED AUTH”.

    Do we need to change our API for this issue?.. don’t find any proper document .. please assist me

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