[Recording] Getting Sophisticated with Pardot Scoring

If you missed the ParDreamin’ Conference last December, fear not! Pardot admins, developers, consultants, and marketers still have the opportunity to watch or revisit the session recordings and learn a ton of new and exciting things about Pardot in the process.

When we were selected to speak at ParDreamin’, our goal was to choose a topic with pretty universal appeal amongst all Pardot users and Admins. In the end, we landed on Pardot scoring—or more specifically, how Pardot Admins can level up their scoring with better and more sophisticated practices (“Getting Sophisticated with Scoring”).

Pardot scoring is always a fun topic because it’s accessible to Pardot admins and users of all experience and comfort levels, can provide pretty quick wins with minimal time investment, and because when prospects are scored strategically and effectively, it really opens the door to better lead qualification and sales enablement all around.

If you missed the in-person presentation, check out the recording below.

Do you have concerns about the way your team scores or qualifies prospects in Pardot? Contact us to discuss your current setup in greater detail, to request an account audit, or to simply get some answers.

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